Playing With Fire

“How much of the content that we draw in does not match up with these guidelines given in God’s word? I believe this is a thought worth great consideration for many believers. Let’s refuse to be a part of this worldly trend of moral decline.”

fire escape3I like to play a fun pointless game every now and then in which I pull a red-hot ember out of the fire and toss it from hand to hand, trying not to get burned and attempting some neat tricks in the process. More often than not, I end up coming away with a few minor burns on my hands and a slightly enhanced sense of manliness (I’m pretty sure it’s nothing more than a mere sense). In the end I accomplish nothing more than a momentary feeling of exhilaration, which is quickly eclipsed by the pain in my hands once the game is over. What is my prize? The insignificant high passes away and the repercussions of the coal-tossing game are immediately felt at the end. Pain is my prize.

You may be able to guess what my fun campfire trick is representing here. In our eyes, certain sins…

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